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Family and Tradition have had great importance to the Dellano family.  My family history, as well as my background are two important components in establishing the family business that has grown strong today.  My grandparents were originally from Naples, Italy. In the 1920's, they came over to Newark, NJ where they settled down and started the business that would soon carry on for decades.  My grandfather started a business from the money that he had saved for many years. He started out by selling traditional Italian food at various festivals located in Newark.  From the moment he ventured into the food business he succeeded.  Everyone looked forward to his delicious food at the festivals. The business was later passed down to my father and uncles, then finally to me. Throughout the years I have worked diligently to expand and improve my business. In 1999, I took a partner Bob Connors, who has the same values .Through our hard work and dedication we have been extremely successful in making this business well known and appreciated. Furthermore, I am proud to carry on the Dellano's tradition